Monopole Alley

This shows placement of  monopoles along the proposed overhead route. Herbicides commonly used on rights of way  to kill vegetation threaten the sole source of water for 18,000 people, whether the transmission line is above or below ground on the right of way (ROW).

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Map of Proposed Transmission Line Crossing Sudbury

transmission line map with crossings

Whose homes will be affected? The short answer is, everyone’s. This is because the project will fundamentally change the look and feel of our picturesque town, known for its colonial atmosphere, preservation ethic, and exceptional quality of life.

No map can adequately show what the impact will be, but start here with this map to the left.



Effect on Property Values


“Through the use of the MassGIS Oliver data base, all properties within proximity of 3,000 feet from the rail ROW were studied.  The study determined that the property de-valuation extends into four categories based on proximity to the property lines:

  • Direct Abutters (50 feet)
  • Adjacent Neighborhoods (300 feet)
  • Impacted Neighborhoods (1000 feet)
  • Outlying Neighborhoods (3000 feet)

The potential impact was examined on a ‘best and worst’ case basis.   The illustration … shows a typical neighborhood and the projected impact across these four categories or ‘zones’.

The total potential loss in property values for the town of Sudbury alone ranged from ~$20m to $63m dollars.  Due to the resulting reduced assessments on these properties, annual tax revenues were projected to decline by about $400,000 to $1,000,000. ”

Read about this in more depth here.

Interactive Map of Sudbury

sud map
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Visit this Interactive Map of Sudbury to explore the scope of the Eversource plan. After following the link, there will be zoom and pan tools on the right of the screen, and if you click on the “layers” button on the left, you can turn on various points of interest, including conservation land, protected land, wetlands. Please notice the railway running diagonally across Sudbury, and how many houses it passes, and how many protected areas it abuts.


Eversource’s map of proposed route, option 1