Protect Your Home

Document and record your property and visual landscape. Eversource is not known for their attention to detail, so if anything negative happens to your property you need a way to prove what it looked like BEFORE any problem happened.

Take photos and measurements from a known fixed and marked spot on your property, and take photos in relation to the rail bed as well. Make sure the measurements are clear and easily understood. (See pages 11-23 from the June 20 presentation.)

Protect your water! Clearly identify your property line and any drinking wells. Mark wells and your property line with signs and visual cues so VHB and Eversource cannot claim they were not sure of boundaries if (or rather when) they make any “mistakes”.

Do you have anything on your property that may have encroached upon the MBTA right of way? If so, know that before Eversource can sign the document with the MBTA they have to provide notice to anyone who has encroached. If you happened to put your kids playground, or a shed, for example over the right of way boundary and are not notified, that is a potential opportunity for challenge to the option agreement.

Set up clear No Trespass signs. There are already reports of VHB people crossing private property in Stow. Massachusetts law defines trespassing as entering the property of another, or remaining on property, once the owner gives you notice to leave. As in most states, trespassing is a misdemeanor in Massachusetts, subject to a fine and a potential jail term. Chapter 266 of the Massachusetts General Laws governs property crimes, including trespassing.

If you see something, say something. If you see activity on the tracks, send an email to and post what you see to the Facebook group to alert neighbors so that they can be aware as well. Take dated photos and videos to insure against procedural violations. Record date & time of activity.

Know who to notify in the event of any mishap or unusual activity:
Protect Sudbury

Town Manager of Sudbury
(978) 639 – 3381

Town of Sudbury Police
(978) 443 – 1042

Download and share this document with your neighbors. Click here to download and print.