July 2, 2018
Eversource submitted their final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR)
Sudbury-Hudson FEIR

July 3, 2018
FEIR – withdrawn!
Protect Sudbury volunteers’ through review of the above version yielded a procedural error by Eversource. Protect Sudbury filed an objection with the Massachusetts Environmental Protection Agency (MEPA) and within 24 hours Eversource was forced to withdraw their FEIR.

They will re-file, but their error caught by PS eagle eyes has delayed the process by an additional six weeks which gives our community (PS and the Town of Sudbury) additional time to develop, prepare and submit comprehensive comments regarding the deficiencies in FEIR
MEPA is not responsible for approving the project, however, the lack of a MEPA certificate stops the approval process dead in it’s tracks. This ‘win’ and the ones that will surely follow are exactly what will ultimately help tip the scale in our favor. We had time for a 5 minute victory dance before we were right back at work turning over every stone to secure the final victory.

While volunteers work on the FEIR, our case continues to be deliberated by the EFSB. Ultimately, they will make a finding (decision) which could come as soon as September or sometime into 2019. When it does come, Protect Sudbury must be prepared for an almost inevitable appeal before the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court. We will either be defending the favorable decision from Eversource’s appeal or presenting our case to a more balanced court in the case of an unfavorable decision from the EFSB.

September 5, 2018
Comments on FEIR from Protect Sudbury

September 7, 2018
Comments on FEIR from Sudbury Valley Trustees
Comments on FEIR from Town of Sudbury