In the know with Eversource

We know what trenching a 9 mile long high voltage transmission line along the MBTA right of way entails. We know from reading the project plan Eversource laid out. We know the width of the clear cut would be 22 feet wide (except in places where it will be 50 feet to accommodate splice boxes, … Read more

Speaking Truth to Power

Protect Sudbury reached another milestone on Friday, in the fight against Eversource’s ill-conceived, and unnecessary project. Protect Sudbury attorney, Richard Kanoff, filed our initial brief  (read it here in its entirety: Protect Sudbury_Initial Brief (EFSB 17-02) ) with the Energy Facilities Siting Board, essentially the ‘closing arguments’ in our case. Each of the intervenors filed such briefs, … Read more

Op Ed: Utilities outdated “solutions” don’t fix todays energy needs

Throughout our region, Eversource continues to promote the use of 19th century thinking to solve 21st century problems. Rather than embrace the technological innovations now available to meet our energy needs, they continue to impose their corporate will on communities simply because it’s more profitable for them and their shareholders. Locally, Eversource’s latest such attempt … Read more

Notes from the EFSB Hearings

I’ve been re-running the events of the past week in my brain. A few days in “court” with Eversource, the EFSB panel, the town of Sudbury, PS attorney Richard Kanoff, and a few indefatigable Sudbury residents. It’s hard to describe but I thought I would share a moment in time with you all. The Sudbury … Read more

In response to “Eversource makes case for Sudbury-Hudson power line”

In response to Eversource’s PR piece in MetroWest Daily News: Eversource makes case for Sudbury-Hudson power line “Electricity could be more reliable for tens of thousands of MetroWest residents.” The Eversource high voltage transmission line project doesn’t address reliability in the sense that most consumers think about reliability. When your power goes out during a … Read more

Numbers redux

This time last year, one of Protect Sudbury’s most popular blog posts, Let’s do the numbers, was published. Now that Eversource has filed with the EFSB, here are the numbers, updated with all the most recent information: 3 alternatives in Eversource’s filing to the Energy Facilities Siting Board. “Project” (i.e. underground along the MBTA right … Read more

Five Districts, One Town

Protect Sudbury launched its inaugural “Ask an Expert” speaker series with State Legislators on March 9th. At the meeting, Representative Carmine Gentile and Senator Jamie Eldridge reaffirmed that they align squarely with Protect Sudbury’s mission to “prevent all power lines along the MBTA right of way (ROW),” regardless of if they are underground or overhead. Senator Mike … Read more

Keeping momentum

We expect Eversource to file their Environmental Notification Form (ENF) to the Mass. Environmental Protections Agency (MEPA) at some point. Meanwhile, there’s plenty going on behind the scenes. A lot has happened already this year and we’ve lined up plenty to come: The President’s Office: Protect Sudbury president, Ray Phillips, attended the Environmental Business Council’s program on … Read more

The big picture

Sudbury is not alone in its opposition to Eversource. Towns across the region are fighting transmission line projects that have long- term impacts on the health and well being of our communities, threaten water supplies, degrade the environment and adversely affect property values. In each case, Eversource demonstrates it listens with a tin ear. Concerns … Read more

Divesting from Eversource

Now’s the Time As the end of 2016 approaches, thoughts turn to what’s next in the fight against Eversource. As our legal team prepares as intervenors when Eversource files with the EFSB, there’s never been a better time to consider divesting from Eversource. It comes as part of a much bigger movement – divesting from fossil … Read more

As Eversource marches on…

A very heartfelt Thank You to Susan Iuliano, Bob Haarde, Richard Kanoff, Chris Hamilton, Ray Phillips, Julie Lieberman, Melissa Rodrigues, and Bill Schineller for representing the Sudbury community at the meeting with Eversource on November 22nd. We began the meeting with a few questions: 1. Given the widespread opposition to its proposal to use the MBTA’s right of way … Read more

Change is coming

Hitting Eversource where it hurts After the October 26th Board of Selectmen’s meeting with Eversource, Protect Sudbury friends expressed great enthusiasm to do something. Many people wanted to hit Eversource where it hurts by switching suppliers. The good news is, things are already on the move to switch electricity suppliers for the entire town. The bad … Read more

It ain’t over til the fat lady sings

Drama in the hall The evening of October 26th brought applause, laughs, boos, and children on stage; Eversource was the antagonist, the community was the chorus. On a weeknight evening with several high profile competing events, Eversource came to Sudbury to present to the Board of Selectmen in an open meeting. The turnout from the community was … Read more

Bike paths, unicorns, and fairy dust

Well played Eversource. It was not unexpected. There are some folks who even at this stage of the game take hope from your presentation, and think that a corporation who has plans to destroy our woods, threaten our water supply with contamination, industrialize the look and feel of our town by erecting monstrous towers through … Read more

Dispelling Myths

Fighting a multi-million dollar corporation, the cards are mostly stacked in their favor and it’s a lot of work separating fact from fiction. There may or may not be untruths involved, but there’s certainly a lot of clouding of issues, strategic framing of reality, and a reliance on the fact that most people don’t have … Read more

Shouting in the wilderness

We write letters to our government agencies and elected officials about the proposed Eversource project because we want our voices, opinions, and points of view to be heard. The project threatens our community because the process for utilities is not democratic, rather it is imposed from above. For public works, on the whole, sometimes this … Read more

This land is your land…until it’s not

What hurts most about the proposed Eversource to Hudson transmisssion line project is the sense of betrayal. What we thought was protected is now threatened by the Eversource juggernaut and the regulatory structure that gives it a leg up over all other considerations. We took for granted the leaf-strewn old railway right of way, tree lined back yards, … Read more

YouTubin’ It

The Protect Sudbury outreach video is here! Thank you to the dozens of volunteers who helped make it happen. Please share far and wide. Keep an eye on Protect Sudbury’s web site, Facebook Page, and YouTube Channel for more to come. And to get updates (every couple of weeks – we won’t fill up your inbox), … Read more


Throw a rock into a pond and the single splash creates concentric circles, rippling outward. Do a good deed and it improves someone’s day, and the positive effect ripples along, metaphorically speaking. Propose a transmission line project through the heart of a small, semi-rural town, and the ripples just keep coming: a hit on property values, destruction of … Read more

Hearth and Home

The impacts of Eversource’s transmission lines, if the project goes forward as proposed, are many. There’s the environmental impact of clear cutting 82 feet through neighborhoods and conservation lands. There’s the visual pollution of 100 foot tall steel towers, strung with high voltage transmission lines. There are health worries and concerns for our drinking water based … Read more

Getting in the Game

Protect Sudbury working group members had a busy week to wrap up June with a focus on government relations. Led by Bill Schineller, a delegation from Protect Sudbury attended a “listening session” hosted by staffers from Attorney General Maura Healey’s office. This was a golden opportunity, given our ongoing campaign to engage the AG since she … Read more

Protect Sudbury, Cliff Notes version

Eversource’s contractor, VHB, is currently working along the MBTA right-of-way (ie the route of the proposed Sudbury to Hudson transmission lines), surveying vernal pools, marking wetlands delineation, and forest-cover mapping. Which makes a lot of us wonder, are these transmission lines a done deal or not? NO –  The Eversource project is not a done deal, … Read more

Neighborhood by neighborhood

When it comes to running our towns and cities, in some ways, our democratic system predisposes us to think or say “they should do this.” We elect people to represent us and they are there to do things that keep the wheels of civic life turning. But what happens when something comes up in the community that’s not open … Read more

Let’s do the numbers

Sometimes, it’s nice to keep it simple, so today, let’s just do the numbers. COMMUNITY 3,025 – number of members on Protect Sudbury’s Facebook group (as of June 1, 2016). What a great crowd and how nice to have so many friends! THE MAP 4.3 miles – Portion of the entire 8.9 mile proposed project that will … Read more

Observe; don’t disturb

This weekend marks the unofficial beginning of summer and the height of the outdoor season for New Englanders. With any luck, most of us will have a chance to take a moment of reflection outside, enjoying the trails and conservation lands we have in Sudbury. While you’re at it, keep your eyes open for turtles, and don’t forget … Read more

Dear Senator

With more than 3,000 Facebook members and a team of dedicated volunteers, every day, dozens of Protect Sudbury members contribute in some way – posting on Facebook, donating to the legal fund, attending an event, or talking to their neighbors about Eversource’s transmission line proposal. One of the most important aspects of this effort is our letter writing … Read more

Picture this

Eversource’s Code of Business Conduct “The letter and spirit of environmental protection laws and Eversource procedures are strictly followed with respect to the environment of the communities we serve.” Chairman’s message “Eversource Energy’s mission is to safely deliver reliable energy and superior customer service…while meeting and exceeding our customers’ high expectations.” Eversource Land Management: Recreation “I think having … Read more

Keep our Wetlands Wonderful

The nation behaves well if it treats the natural resources as assets which it must turn over to the next generation increased, and not impaired, in value. -Theodore Roosevelt, 1907 Walk along the MBTA right of way west from Dutton Road and the tree-lined pathway quickly transports you into a different world with sights and … Read more

For the forest

When it comes to Eversource’s Sudbury to Hudson Transmission Reliability Project proposal, we’re fighting against a corporate giant with deep pockets, rooms full of lawyers, and a laser focus on its bottom line. In this context, it’s easy to fall into the trap of concentrating on what we’re fighting against.  It’s natural to be against hundred foot monopoles … Read more

A Hollow Ring

The euphemistically named “Sudbury to Hudson Transmission Reliability Project,” has provided us with plenty of opportunity to get to know Eversource in the last month or so. Their powerpoint presentations online and in community meetings are slick and shiny with references to concern for community and environmental impact. Their vegetation management plan runs over a hundred pages and talks … Read more

Verbal Acrobatics

It’s hard to think about Eversource’s proposed Sudbury to Hudson transmission line without wondering what the 82 foot clear cut required for above ground transmission lines actually involves. After a scintillating review of the Five Year Vegetation Management Plan 2013-2017, (VMP), the answer is simple: cut tall trees and brush, use poisonous chemicals to stop them growing back, and … Read more

Community Need Over Corporate Greed

Community. That’s what I saw at the high school auditorium Tuesday night. Community, uniting in opposition to a corporation that threatens the fabric of the town they live in.  A core group of people, in the form of Protect Sudbury, stepping up, already organized with officers, a board, and working groups, holding an open meeting … Read more

Truth to Power: Trees not Towers

Welcome to Protect Sudbury blog, a place for information and ruminations about the community and natural areas that we are seeking to protect in response to Eversource’s Sudbury to Hudson Transmission Reliability Project. The project proposes to cut an eighty foot wide gash of hundred foot poles carrying high voltage transmission lines through the heart … Read more