Our Team

Ray Phillips – President

Ray Phillips Bio Photo 1 InchRay Phillips is a 28 year resident of Sudbury with a passion for enjoying and protecting our natural resources. The co-founder of three successful startup companies, he has over 30 years of experience in the software industry with companies such as Digital Equipment and Microsoft. As a performing artist and professional photographer, Ray created some of the first environmentally themed music concerts in the 1970’s. He continues this work today in local bands and photography exhibitions. He holds an MS from Indiana University in Information Systems, an MBA from Boston University and a BA from Montclair State University. He is proud to say that he has never let his formal education get in the way of learning.
Ray can be reached at president@protectsudbury.org

Chris Hamilton – Director, Legal Team

Chris-Hamilton-attorney-waltham-maChris is a practicing attorney along with his law partner (and wife) Leslie.  Chris’ practice concentrates primarily in civil litigation representing a wide range of businesses and individuals in federal and state courts. Chris holds a BS in Natural Resource Sciences from the University of Massachusetts and a JD from the Massachusetts School of Law. Chris also serves the Commonwealth and our country as a Colonel in the Massachusetts Air National Guard and is currently assigned to the Staff of the Adjutant General, Joint Force Headquarters, Massachusetts National Guard. In his 27 years of service, he has deployed around the globe in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Noble Eagle, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Operation New Dawn. He runs Protect Sudbury with military precision, and is happy to be home and taking on this fight for his community.
Chris can be reached at: legal@protectsudbury.org

Jim Gish – Director, Environmental Outreach Liaison

1170723_10153804636279738_8028491805128610423_nJim Gish is a 23 year resident of Sudbury, whose first foray into activism was in 1992 as Chairman of the Westwood Mosquito Control Study Group. This groups work resulted in Norfolk County adopting a safer integrated pest management approach to mosquito control.  He is a software engineer and a Consulting Member of Technical Staff at Oracle in Burlington.  He has degrees in computer science from the University of Delaware and University of Wisconsin-Madison. Jim is an amateur pianist, who also enjoys biking, long walks, cooking, gardening and photography. Jim has been an active member of Town Meeting since moving to Sudbury in 1993, and strives to interject a thoughtful, questioning, and compassionate perspective in the discussion of town issues. Jim does not “Like” anything on Facebook, and if you ever see him “Like” anything, we all should worry about the state of the universe, as it would signify that there has been a space-time rift which could have dire effects on us all.
Jim can be reached at environment@protectsudbury.org

Renata Aylward – Director, Communications

123_3ARenata has walked the woods with family and friends for the past 20 years. The last 12 were with the best dog in the world. (Isn’t he handsome?) Renata had a gig prior to joining Protect Sudbury, where she worked for a software startup and did some of the same things she now is doing for Protect Sudbury. Speech recognition software is her area of expertise, and she worked at Dragon Systems (now Nuance) running their training department. She is fluent in English, Spanish, and Sarcasm. She is guided by a singular focus – to keep Eversource out of the woods.
Renata can be reached at pr@protectsudbury.org

Bill and Chris Densel – Street Captain Coordinators

Bill and Chris Densel live on Austin Road and have called Sudbury their home for nearly 15 years. They have two daughters, 16 and 14, and as a family are passionate about the outdoors. You will often find them walking their dogs, running the trails or cross country skiing when the opportunity arrives. They coordinate the communication effort to our over 100 street captains as well as schedule neighborhood meetings in every section of Sudbury.

Bill and Chris can be reached at: streetcaptains@protectsudbury.org
Are you a street captain, yet? http://www.protectsudbury.org/volunteer/

Melissa Gough – Clerk, Blogger, ResearchVUIOBNdi_400x400

Melissa has lived in Sudbury since 2003 and comes to Protect Sudbury with a passion for the environment fostered by spending her formative years biking the back roads of Boston MetroWest and hiking the woods and mountains of New England. She has worked for a solar startup, non-profits focused on campaigning against corporate abuse, sits on the steering committee of Sustainable Sudbury and does freelance corporate writing and marketing. She holds a Masters in Environmental Change and Management from University of Oxford with a focus on corporate social and environmental responsibility. Back in the day, when her kids were in elementary school, they walked over 2000 miles to and from school, good training for hiking Sudbury’s gorgeous conservations lands.

See the Protect Sudbury blog here: www.protectsudbury.org/blog

Stace Caseria – Digital & Social Media

Stace is a 15-year marketing veteran, specializing in digital media and emerging technologies. A creative writer by trade, he’s successfully helped launch new brands and products in the beverage, consumer electronics, automotive and travel industries. Past clients include Heineken, D’Ussé Cognac, Cadillac, Bose and Delta Air Lines. He completed a double major in English and American Studies at Fairfield University and earned his Master’s Degree in English from the University of Binghamton. In addition to his lovely daughters and meeting his wife, the highlight of his existence was living every 12-year-old boy’s dream as an intern at MAD Magazine.
Have an idea to help us spread the word? Share with us! Email our social media team at socialmedia@protectsudbury.org.