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Eversource’s Code of Business Conduct “The letter and spirit of environmental protection laws and Eversource procedures are strictly followed with respect to the environment of the communities we serve.”

Hop brook
Sudbury has environmental bylaws to protect Hop Brook and other conservation lands. Protect Sudbury would like Eversource to adhere to the letter and spirit of those environmental protection laws!

Chairman’s message “Eversource Energy’s mission is to safely deliver reliable energy and superior customer service…while meeting and exceeding our customers’ high expectations.”

credited guy on stumps
Satisfied Eversource customer?

Eversource Land Management: Recreation “I think having land and not ruining it is the most beautiful art that anybody could ever make.” – Andy Warhol

82 feet
Eighty two foot clear cut marked. Take Warhol’s advice (as posted on your own land management page) Eversource – let nature be its own art.

Stewardship and Biodiversity Statement “Our rights-of-way maintenance practices promote critical diverse habitats.”

Diverse habitat for what?

Stewardship and Biodiversity Statement “We focus on establishment of native, low-growing plant species and require that disturbed soils be stabilized with native, fast-growing seed mixes to prevent the establishment of invasive species.”

milford invasive mngt
Establishing low native plant species and preventing invasives

Land Management FAQs “Eversource is fully committed to preserving its lands in the highest environmental standards to protect and preserve the land and the species that rely upon it.” 

Protected and preserved plants and species

Stewardship and Biodiversity statement “Where our equipment intersects with nature, our trained specialists ensure that the needs of wildlife are considered before commencing utility work…”

vhb website pic
VHB works on behalf of Eversource on vegetation management https://www.vhb.com/Pages/Experience/Markets/Energy/electric-gas.aspx

Land Management “By carefully removing trees from the rights-of-way, the result is low-growing plant communities of shrubs, forbs and grasses.”

Carefully removed trees in Wayland

Research and Development “Eversource is working…to reduce the threat of tree-related damage to the electric system through STORMWISE, a program that integrates tree education, management and research to provide effective solutions to mitigate tree risk.”

“(It) turned out that they would target a pine and not turn off the machine but get to the oak, the other next target plant and it would kill off the ground cover on the way.” (Boston Globe, January 20th, 2015, Cape Residents Protest NSTAR’s Use of Herbicides)


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  1. Decline of Monarch butterflies have been linked in part due to glyphosate herbicides on corn and soybean crops, which have caused milkweed in the area of the crops to be killed off. Milkweed is the primary food source for Monarch caterpillars.

    It is estimated that milkweed has been eliminated from 100 million hectares (247.1 million acres) of US cropland since the introduction of glyphosate-resistant crops.

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