Protect Sudbury, Cliff Notes version

Eversource’s contractor, VHB, is currently working along the MBTA right-of-way (ie the route of the proposed Sudbury to Hudson transmission lines), surveying vernal pools, marking wetlands delineation, and forest-cover mapping. Which makes a lot of us wonder, are these transmission lines a done deal or not? NO –  The Eversource project is not a done deal, … Read more

Neighborhood by neighborhood

When it comes to running our towns and cities, in some ways, our democratic system predisposes us to think or say “they should do this.” We elect people to represent us and they are there to do things that keep the wheels of civic life turning. But what happens when something comes up in the community that’s not open … Read more

Let’s do the numbers

Sometimes, it’s nice to keep it simple, so today, let’s just do the numbers. COMMUNITY 3,025 – number of members on Protect Sudbury’s Facebook group (as of June 1, 2016). What a great crowd and how nice to have so many friends! THE MAP 4.3 miles – Portion of the entire 8.9 mile proposed project that will … Read more