Keeping momentum

We expect Eversource to file their Environmental Notification Form (ENF) to the Mass. Environmental Protections Agency (MEPA) at some point. Meanwhile, there’s plenty going on behind the scenes. A lot has happened already this year and we’ve lined up plenty to come: The President’s Office: Protect Sudbury president, Ray Phillips, attended the Environmental Business Council’s program on … Read more

It ain’t over til the fat lady sings

Drama in the hall The evening of October 26th brought applause, laughs, boos, and children on stage; Eversource was the antagonist, the community was the chorus. On a weeknight evening with several high profile competing events, Eversource came to Sudbury to present to the Board of Selectmen in an open meeting. The turnout from the community was … Read more

YouTubin’ It

The Protect Sudbury outreach video is here! Thank you to the dozens of volunteers who helped make it happen. Please share far and wide. Keep an eye on Protect Sudbury’s web site, Facebook Page, and YouTube Channel for more to come. And to get updates (every couple of weeks – we won’t fill up your inbox), … Read more

Protect Sudbury, Cliff Notes version

Eversource’s contractor, VHB, is currently working along the MBTA right-of-way (ie the route of the proposed Sudbury to Hudson transmission lines), surveying vernal pools, marking wetlands delineation, and forest-cover mapping. Which makes a lot of us wonder, are these transmission lines a done deal or not? NO –  The Eversource project is not a done deal, … Read more

Neighborhood by neighborhood

When it comes to running our towns and cities, in some ways, our democratic system predisposes us to think or say “they should do this.” We elect people to represent us and they are there to do things that keep the wheels of civic life turning. But what happens when something comes up in the community that’s not open … Read more

Dear Senator

With more than 3,000 Facebook members and a team of dedicated volunteers, every day, dozens of Protect Sudbury members contribute in some way – posting on Facebook, donating to the legal fund, attending an event, or talking to their neighbors about Eversource’s transmission line proposal. One of the most important aspects of this effort is our letter writing … Read more

Community Need Over Corporate Greed

Community. That’s what I saw at the high school auditorium Tuesday night. Community, uniting in opposition to a corporation that threatens the fabric of the town they live in.  A core group of people, in the form of Protect Sudbury, stepping up, already organized with officers, a board, and working groups, holding an open meeting … Read more