This land is your land…until it’s not

What hurts most about the proposed Eversource to Hudson transmisssion line project is the sense of betrayal. What we thought was protected is now threatened by the Eversource juggernaut and the regulatory structure that gives it a leg up over all other considerations. We took for granted the leaf-strewn old railway right of way, tree lined back yards, … Read more

YouTubin’ It

The Protect Sudbury outreach video is here! Thank you to the dozens of volunteers who helped make it happen. Please share far and wide. Keep an eye on Protect Sudbury’s web site, Facebook Page, and YouTube Channel for more to come. And to get updates (every couple of weeks – we won’t fill up your inbox), … Read more


Throw a rock into a pond and the single splash creates concentric circles, rippling outward. Do a good deed and it improves someone’s day, and the positive effect ripples along, metaphorically speaking. Propose a transmission line project through the heart of a small, semi-rural town, and the ripples just keep coming: a hit on property values, destruction of … Read more