Verbal Acrobatics

It’s hard to think about Eversource’s proposed Sudbury to Hudson transmission line without wondering what the 82 foot clear cut required for above ground transmission lines actually involves. After a scintillating review of the Five Year Vegetation Management Plan 2013-2017, (VMP), the answer is simple: cut tall trees and brush, use poisonous chemicals to stop them growing back, and … Read more

Community Need Over Corporate Greed

Community. That’s what I saw at the high school auditorium Tuesday night. Community, uniting in opposition to a corporation that threatens the fabric of the town they live in.  A core group of people, in the form of Protect Sudbury, stepping up, already organized with officers, a board, and working groups, holding an open meeting … Read more

Truth to Power: Trees not Towers

Welcome to Protect Sudbury blog, a place for information and ruminations about the community and natural areas that we are seeking to protect in response to Eversource’s Sudbury to Hudson Transmission Reliability Project. The project proposes to cut an eighty foot wide gash of hundred foot poles carrying high voltage transmission lines through the heart … Read more