In the know with Eversource

We know what trenching a 9 mile long high voltage transmission line along the MBTA right of way entails. We know from reading the project plan Eversource laid out. We know the width of the clear cut would be 22 feet wide (except in places where it will be 50 feet to accommodate splice boxes, … Read more

Notes from the EFSB Hearings

I’ve been re-running the events of the past week in my brain. A few days in “court” with Eversource, the EFSB panel, the town of Sudbury, PS attorney Richard Kanoff, and a few indefatigable Sudbury residents. It’s hard to describe but I thought I would share a moment in time with you all. The Sudbury … Read more

As Eversource marches on…

A very heartfelt Thank You to Susan Iuliano, Bob Haarde, Richard Kanoff, Chris Hamilton, Ray Phillips, Julie Lieberman, Melissa Rodrigues, and Bill Schineller for representing the Sudbury community at the meeting with Eversource on November 22nd. We began the meeting with a few questions: 1. Given the widespread opposition to its proposal to use the MBTA’s right of way … Read more

Bike paths, unicorns, and fairy dust

Well played Eversource. It was not unexpected. There are some folks who even at this stage of the game take hope from your presentation, and think that a corporation who has plans to destroy our woods, threaten our water supply with contamination, industrialize the look and feel of our town by erecting monstrous towers through … Read more