Fundraising Drive

Support Protect Sudbury’s Legal Fund!

This case is winnable! Though no one person can do it all, all of us can do something. Please join in the effort to meet the important goal of raising $150,000 for Protect Sudbury’s legal fund. This additional funding enables PS to fully execute the legal strategy and continue to serve the community as the ‘tip of the spear’ in this battle.

Donations, in part, pay for expert testimony in transmission engineering, environmental science and the physical sciences. This testimony is required to credibly present the devastating impacts of this project as well as to refute Eversource’s ‘hired guns.’ Experts are a large expense in the legal battle and we need the very best to ensure our victory.

Our community can absolutely win this case. To lose it because we could not pay our legal bills would be devastating to our community. Please donate now.

If you have already contributed to the Protect Sudbury legal fund, thank you! If you have not yet given, or if you can increase your contribution, now is the time. Thank you for your support. Your donation will be used to preserve and protect our community, cherished conservation areas and our water supply!

Send your contribution in today!

Our community needs all of us to participate and every dollar counts. It is possible to win this if we act now. It’s too late when the bulldozers come to town.

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