Sudbury on TV

Boston 25 News

Sudbury residents concerned about new power lines in conservation area

“What we’re trying to protect here is hundreds and hundreds of acres of beautiful conservation land.”

CBS Boston

Sudbury Homeowners Fight Eversource Power Line Plan

“It’s going to affect, certainly, the residences and business that are close to it, but also conservation land that the town has set aside.”

WCVB Channel 5 Boston News

The town of Sudbury was featured on WCVB’s Chronicle! It is a MUST SEE!
If you missed it, you may watch it here or you may view the individual segments:

Segment 1: Sudbury 01776: Home of the most patriotic zip code in the nation.

Segment 2: Sudbury: Rural Spaces

Segment 3: Sudbury: Living History

Segment 4: Sudbury: Protecting What They Love

“I’ve never seen a more organized grassroots organization then Protect Sudbury. They have done their best to educate the public about the hazards of this transmission line. We do not think it is needed but if it is, let’s put it under roads and not ruin beautiful open spaces and a wildlife refuge that people care deeply about.”
-Senator Jamie Eldridge