December 3, 2019 – Update from Ray Philips

The much anticipated EFSB ‘tentative decision’ was released this afternoon. Unfortunately, but not unexpectedly, the Siting Board didn’t see things our way. In fact, in my cursory reading they seem to agree with most of the Eversource arguments whether fact or fiction. However, what is most important at this time is to keep our eye on the comprehensive case record we and the Town have developed. As we dissect this decision it will only add to an already compelling legal argument against this project. The EFSB was put in place to facilitate the utility companies ability to disregard the needs, wants and desires of each community. They certainly did their job today. I am disappointed in the decision, but not surprised and above all not discouraged.

Our next step will be to thoroughly review the decision and then meet with our attorney this week to develop a comprehensive response to it. These comments will also become part of the record. They are, however, unlikely to change the final decision.

The Siting Board will meet on December 17th to vote on this decision. Protect Sudbury plans to be there in force with legislators, news media and members of our community to let them know what we think of their decision. More details to follow on this.

Over the course of the next 20 days, we will file an appeal to the Mass Supreme Judicial Court regarding this decision. I believe that the Town of Sudbury is intending to do so as well. It has been our belief from the start that justice would only be served through a fair and impartial body such as the SJC. We and the town have developed an outstanding case from a legal perspective. We plan to seek from them the common sense decision that’s been right in front of us all along. It’s the wrong project, in the wrong place at the wrong time.

We now need to fully fund the SJC appeal. Protect Sudbury plans to raise an additional $50,000 over the next two months. I know that I can count on our community to take us over the finish line. The link to our donation page is here: